When I set up this site and decided to climb aboard that well ridden fuck bike that is social media. Then I had to set about finding people to follow on Twitter and Facebook etc. I couldn’t miss Donald Trump’s latest tweet if my life and the lives of the entire planet depended upon it. On a search of such kind, one gravitates to one’s hero’s; Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian West and of course Fred West. My real heroes though are the types of folk you wouldn’t expect to find on twitter. The main one who springs to mind is Cormac McCarthy.

This guy is my literary hero. I would aspire to be like him, if he wasn’t so unique and bloody brilliant. I am sure that he has toenail clippings and bum gravel that has more talent in it than I do. In fact when I read his books I feel unworthy, I’ll be honest they do not inspire me to write. Their grandeur induces my strongest instincts of self-preservation. This kicks in and I just want to run and hide.

Cormac himself would probably call me a bell end for saying such things. But I can’t help it. His writing possesses a lyrical beauty and stoic economy that most writers could never come near to achieving. So, I don’t give myself a hard time. I make peace with the fact the he’s da man. And I make do with what I have and try my best to just get better day-by-day, line by line and page by page.

So, I’m searching twitter for people to follow and Mr. McCarthy forces himself into my consciousness. Now, I’m thinking that there is no way he tweets. No fucking way. Like he has time for that shit? Right? Right? Wrong. Cormac has a twitter account.

Twitter Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy Tweets

I am at the point where I have found this blessed twitter account. I am both over the moon and suicidally sad that this man actually has a twitter account. So, with beads of sweat racing across my forehead like chubby kids running to Greggs at break time, I click the bloody link.

The man has 6,348 followers (at the time of writing). He joined Twitter in January 2012 (must’ve been a New Years Resolution), and so far he has Tweeted 5 original Tweets and one Retweet. Get in! You fucking legend! What is even cooler, is that he only blasted out one tweet in Jan 2012. He waited until 2013 to do the rest. I cannot explain to you how happy I was to see this. Cormac does not tweet, and when he does, they are at once beautiful, smart and cryptic as fuck.

The emotions were quite amazing. I really didn’t want Cormac McCarthy to be on Twitter. When I saw that he was I felt like the kid who dropped his ice cream. Then I saw his content. At 83 years of age, Cormac McCarthy is Punk Rock personified. I just say this, Cormac don’t tweet! Or perhaps it should be, Cormac, don’t tweet.


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