So, what am I going to blog about? Or to quote Alan Partridge ‘What’s da big oidea?” I just want to write, so, in the blog section, I’ll be writing about language, books, films, music, the universe (see picture) and a dose of life. Things that seem interesting that week will be what I blog about. But, the site is where I’ll publish my shorts and dry run my novels. So every week there will be a short story too. I can’t promise works of intellectual prose that astound and create philosophical debate, but what I will aim to do, is to entertain. My mission is to take you away into another person’s world; even if it is just for five minutes. Sometimes those peaceful increments of time can be an oasis of calm in a day strewn with jizz bombs from the Devil’s own leaky prophylactic. And for that relief you are welcome.

I’ll also succumb to that well-ridden whore known as social media, where I will do my best to be witty and informative, I promise you this, though, I’ll never sell to you. I’ll let Amazon and that crowd do that. Of course, there are links on the site to where my published works can be purchased, but that is up to you. There will be a stack of stories here, and they will always be free and unencumbered by tasteless advertising. I think I want to keep this place pure, are you with me?

So, blogs will arrive on Mondays and short stories on Thursdays; this routine will be punctuated by some social media dirge. You can follow me by hitting the copyright protected logos you see below. The ones to the side enable you to share my mind gas with the world at large. And it’s something that I would encourage if you like what you’re reading. Share the love, that’s what I say; if you’re not a fan, and don’t dig my rap, then please leave, quietly. There’s enough vitriol in the world; this is a love only zone. We can only agree to disagree and hit the red button.

This brings us to the end of Blog number one, 466 words and quick as a flash. Thanks again for visiting and reading, until next week TTFB

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