As the puffy-cheeked, viper –lipped, gap – toothed, bingo-winged, former boy toy and purveyor of materialism, aka, the warbling iconic 1980’s Grandma of pop once said; ‘If we took a holiday, oh yeah oh yeah, took some time to celebrate, c’mon let’s celebrate, just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice”

Well, I have taken nearly 20 days out of life and I have seen, sun, sand, snorkels, shore crabs, booze, stag parties, hen parties transfixed by their portable devices and a pack Scousers using hotel facilities like those of a theme park at 4am. Wow, it is good to be back. I love holidays. But they slow me down. I haven’t written much, tweeted, Facebooked or really done anything. I have just spent time with a pack of carbon units that I am happy to say are among the most important people in my life.

The few weeks of fun in the sun, punctuated with booze, good food and a great many laughs was just what I needed to re-charge the batteries. Let’s be clear as humans we all need to recharge the batteries.

A friend of mine bought me a book. It is called ‘Catching the Big Fish’ by David Lynch. It is a collection of writings from the great man. The theme throughout is Transcendental Meditation. Mr. Lynch believes that a couple of sessions of meditation per day expand the consciousness, which in turn expands our understanding.

Whilst on holiday I decided to give the meditation a go. Holidays are good for things like that. I am not sure yet as to whether or not Lynch is bang on right, but what I have learnt is that some silence, stillness and solitude do eliminate the fog of the everyday hum and drum.

I also realised that going for a run and clearing the mind whilst pounding the pavement is indeed a form of meditation too. It is kind of like a small holiday from the rigours of the day without having to go away.

So, Madonna can sing all she likes. Her enduring pop classic is right, one day out of life is so nice, I’d recommend more than one. I myself, am going to take more 20 minute holidays in the form of meditation and in a couple of weeks I am going to Cornwall. I am going to fish, run, meditate and make some memories with my family. Until then, pop back for a three part love story and a blog about the sanity of America’s very own mad haired, funny coloured Demagogue. T’ra for a bit.

Nick Mann

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