I love a good book, but I also really enjoy a great film. But which is best? There’s only one way to find out; Fiiiiiiiiiight!

Currently, I am reading ‘The Revenant’ by Michael Punke. As stated in previous blogs I am not reviewing books here or films (been there done that). Here I am just blogging about books I am reading and thoughts that occur to me while reading them.

I, like a lot of people, saw the film of ‘The Revenant’, and like most people, I enjoyed it very much. So, I am perusing a bookshop in deepest darkest Derbyshire, and I spot the book. Aces! I am always curious about book to film adaptations, but I do groan when I talk to someone and mention a movie recently watched, and they immediately hit me with the cliché “Oh, I saw that the book was much better.”

I’ll be honest I really do not like that statement or that argument. Here’s why; writers have a way of painting pictures within your mind’s eye. Your mind is incredible; fact! Yes, even yours. We have the ability to see things in our own magnificent way by burning the fuel of words that the writer tips on to our mental fire; whereas a film is a director’s vision. He or she is interpreting words written by them or someone else (Screenwriter – usually), and giving it their visual identity. They are interpreters.

Also, books and films are different, quite literally. One is paper or a PDF, and the other is a visual medium, something you see. It comes at you from a screen, all bright and shiny. Grabs you by the nuts or top bollocks and takes you for a ride.

The point I am making is that they are different mediums and can only be judged on that basis. So when someone says to you, I just saw “The Revenant,” or True Grit, of the Girl on the Train, sticking with girls let’s throw in the Girl with all the Gifts too. Don’t say, “Oh I saw that, the book was much better.” Because that warrants a slap, a great big massive slap. You could say, ‘Yes, I saw that it was ok. I preferred 28 Days Later,” You see? That’s a film, similar subject and warrants comparison. You can add ‘I read that book too, great book!” or “Shit book! I preferred Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” You would be justified because you’re comparing books – do you get me?

So, enjoy books, they are amazing and to be honest, they are the gift that just keeps giving. Every week I read a book, and typically my tiny mind gets blown. Then I watch some films, and I get awed by how some people have the ability to use a keen eye, a fantastic team, and awesome technology, to create images that brand themselves onto your brain and create a lifelong impression. I don’t compare books and films because that is like eating a banana and saying that was the worst apple I’ve eaten.

PS – I am going to come back to this with a blog about why they change novels when filming them. Because another thing that grits my shit is when people watch a movie having read the book and then whine, “it’s entirely different to the book, why couldn’t they just make it like the book? Why couldn’t they do this? Blah blah fucking blah!” 

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