Set during the Austrian War of Succession, specifically during the battle of Dettingen, King George II has lost his beloved Lurcher; Nero. Only one man has the minerals to recover him, Tobias Hawke. In return for his heroism, Hawke is promised immortality.

Let ’em In

Johnny is a Hellion, who, for all intent and purpose is an evil little git. But this Christmas, Johnny’s chaos may just turn to love. Who knows? It’s Christmas and stranger things have happened.


Sometimes you want to be at the party, not at work. Daydreaming until clocking off time, then a challenge comes along in the shape of eight dirty, severed, digits.

Eve Lives!

Eve Lives!

They say that when man makes plans God laughs. Plans for murder are always dodgy. But none are dodgier than the plan to kill Eve. Click the link, read the story and thank your lucky stars that you are not this dude.

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